Hendrick Property Management

Hendrick Property Management is located in Grand Haven, Michigan.  We service the West Michigan Lakeshore area.

Our History

Back in the early 70’s we experienced some investors were interested in acquiring larger homes, primarily located in town, many of which had been converted into 2 to 3 family apartment houses. Some of the investors were living out of town, so they asked if we would ‘watch over’ their property as well as collect rent. We soon discovered that the investors who could best take advantage of the Tax incentives with Investment Real Estate were least interested in putting up with the problems that typically come with rental real estate.

We brought on a full-time property manager who understood the physical properties of houses and mechanicals. We soon had a cadre of vendors in the various disciplines that gave good service at reasonable prices. Our staff grew, and we invested in sophisticated software to facilitate our investors to organize the year-end accounting and provide a single summary for their Tax preparer.

Over time, we included Commercial Real Estate. We grew along with the demand for our services. Today, we are a full-service Property Management Service.

At Hendrick Property Management, your investment is our priority.

Our full range of West Michigan real estate services also includes brokerage services, to help you find and purchase your first rental property or grow your existing income property portfolio.